Space research newspaper articles

September 19, Goldar attacks Zandosis, but the creature is too strong and escapes into the ocean depths. Goldar returns to Mt. Olympian and tells Mathusam that the creature has escaped and that a better means of fighting the creature must be devised. Gam and Mikko follow Lugo Men as they leave the hospital.

Space research newspaper articles

This page contains a brief paragraph of the main effects of each solar storm, and a link to Space research newspaper articles archive of articles written about each storm that you can find in a variety of newspapers and magazines during the time of the storm.

These accounts are a rich source of information about how each storm affected various technologies, and captivated the general public. Currently [August 15], the archive includes articles. August 28, — The Superstorm.

Extensive eyewitness accounts and scientific studies, telegraph disturbances and the unique sighting of a spectacular solar flare make this event one of the most interesting solar storms to read about.

According to a letter by Milo Grow "There was a brilliant exhibition of Aurora Borealis soon after dark last night. For half an hour it shows very brilliantly reaching to the mid heavens in colors of yellow and red.

Some said it was an Aurora Borealis, or Northern Light, but if it was it was a little different from any I ever saw before. It rose on the side of the enemy and came up very near parallel with our line of battle, and right over us.

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It turned as red as blood, but when it commenced rising it looked more like the appearance of the moon rising than anything else I know to compare it to" December The whole sky was a ruddy glow as if from an enormous conflagration, but marked by the darting rays peculiar to the Northern light.

It caused much surprise, and aroused the fears even of those far from superstitious. Its remarkable brilliancy [New York Times, October 15,p.

Widely observed throughout the country, the aurora lasted two days. Various scientific causes are mentioned, with quotes by Prof. Magnetic disturbances were recorded at the Melbourne Observatory in Australia, and found to occur at the same time as magnetic disturbances in northern observatories.

An auroral display [New York Times, October 25, p. It was also observed from Havana, Cuba and was widely interpreted to be an omen of the end of the world. May 28, — It was observed as an arch that moved halfway to the zenith from New York City.

Following a dramatic exhibition of curtains, waves and shooting rays extending to zenith, the display faded after With the battery removed, messages could still be sent and received from Boston. No aurora were seen at night.

Astronomer Henry Draper is interviewed about the current scientific understanding of aurora. In Chicago, a corona was observed at zenith. Telegraph lines between Chicago and Milwaukee, St. Observations were also reported from Cincinnati, Davenport, and Cleveland.

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There were probably two events involved, one on each consecutive night. November 18, — The Transit of Venus Storm — It produced a compass bearing deflection of nearly 2 degrees, All telegraphic transactions east of the Mississippi River and north of Washington D.

C came to a halt. The Chicago stock market was severely affected all day. A large sunspot was then seen covering an area of more than three thousand millions of square miles. Simultaneously with the appearance of the spot, magnetic disturbances at the observatory in Greenwich increased in frequency and violence, other symptoms were noticed throughout the length of the British Isles.

Telegraphic communication was greatly interfered with. The signal bells on many of the railway lines were rung, and some of the operators received shocks from their instruments. The daily press was burdened with accounts of widespread magnetic disturbance, in some places telegraphic communication was suspended.

In Milwaukee the carbons in the electric lamps were lighted, rendered incandescent by currents of electricity flowing on the wires. At other locations, switchboards in telegraph offices were set on fire and sending keys were melted, while electric balls were seen hovering on the telegraph in Nebraska.

Louis, Kansas City or Memphis. It was thought to be a fire by citizens of Plainfield NY. The effects were seen on telegraphs in Omaha, Tennessee, Washington.

The shocks produced volts on the lines. This was identified as most severe storm since according to Chief Electrician for WU. Transatlantic cables were also affected.Eos is the leading source for trustworthy news and perspectives about the Earth and space sciences and their impact. Its namesake is Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn, who represents the light.

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An article is a written work published in a print or electronic medium. It may be for the purpose of propagating news, research results, academic analysis, or debate.

Space research newspaper articles

Sep 27,  · Space Exploration History and Space Exploration News. See the best astronomy images and browse the latest articles on space exploration.

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