Method in social anthropology selected essays

The most notable of his many important contributions was his application to primitive societies of some of the ideas of systems theory, which led to a revolution in the analysis and interpretation of social relations. In brief, he may be said to have turned social anthropology from its preoccupation with historical development and psychological extrapolation to the comparative study of persistent and changing social structures.

Method in social anthropology selected essays

Introduction[ edit ] The goal of this chapter is to introduce the methods employed by sociologists in their study of social life.

This is not a chapter on statistics nor does it detail specific methods in sociological investigation.

Radcliffe-Brown, A. R.

The primary aim is to illustrate how sociologists go beyond common sense understandings in trying to explain or understand social phenomena. They do not see the world as we normally do, they question and analyze why things happen and if there is a way to stop a problem before it happens.

At issue in this chapter are the methods used by sociologists to claim to speak authoritatively about social life. There are dozens of different ways that human beings claim to acquire knowledge. A few common examples are: Choosing to trust another source for information is the act of making that source an authority in your life.

Parents, friends, the media, religious leaders, your professor, books, or web pages are all examples of secondary sources of information that some people trust for information. People often claim to have learned something through an experience, such as a car accident or using some type of drug.

Some physical skills, such as waterskiing or playing basketball, are acquired primarily through experience. On the other hand, some experiences are subjective and are not generalizable to all.

Simple deduction is often used to discern truth from falsity and is the primary way of knowing used in philosophy. I might suggest that if I fall in a swimming pool full of water, I will get wet. If that premise is true and I fall in a swimming pool, you could deduce that I got wet.

Many people who live in societies that have not experienced industrialization decide what to do in the future by repeating what was done in the past.

Method in social anthropology selected essays

Even in modern societies, many people get satisfaction out of celebrating holidays the same way year after year. Fast-paced change in modern societies, however, makes traditional knowledge less and less helpful in making good choices. Some people claim to acquire knowledge believed to be valid by consulting religious texts and believing what is written in them, such as the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Book of Mormon.

Others claim to receive revelations from a higher power in the form of voices or a general intuitive sense of what one should do.

The scientific method combines the use of logic with controlled experience, creating a novel way of discovery that marries sensory input with careful thinking. By adopting a model of cause and effect, scientists produce knowledge that can explain certain phenomena and even predict various outcomes before they occur.

These methods of claiming to know certain things are referred to as epistemologies. An epistemology is simply a way of knowing. In Sociology, information gathered through science is privileged over all others. That is, information gleaned using other epistemologies will be rejected if it is not supported by evidence gathered using the scientific method.Look in Social Sciences Index under "Cultural Anthropology" or "Culture." The library also subscribes to a major anthropology journal called American Anthropologist.

The latest issues are on microfiche. U Social Anthropology Theory Semester 1. By Thomas Chambers. a lecturer. Method in social anthropology: selected essays by A.R. Radcliffe-Brown - A.

Method in social anthropology selected essays

R. Radcliffe-Brown, “The Aims of Anthropological Research” and “The Limitations of the Comparative Method of Anthropology”. The core reading from Boas, “The Methods of. In social anthropology, as in other branches of science, there is a close relationship between research methods and theoretical problems.

Advancing theory and shifts in orientation go hand in hand with the development of techniques and mutually influence one another. The essays in this volume share the assumption that "ethnography," far from being the unique purview of anthropology, is a broader field of practice out of which and alongside which anthropology attempted to distinguish itself as a scientific discipline.

Method in Social Anthropology Selected Essays by A. R. Radcliffe-Brown. Miscegenation The Theory of the Blending of the Races, Applied to the American White Man and Negro by David G.

Croly. Dictionary of Races or Peoples by United States Immigration Commission. Encuentra Method in Social Anthropology: Selected Essays (Classic Reprint) de A.

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