Describe the social economic and cultural

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Describe the social economic and cultural

If a Child is from a travelling family there is a possibility that their development at school may be delayed due to being transferred from school to school.

Children also make personal choices. The choices they make can have a significant impact on their life and development. This will hugely impact on their life. Children need to be encouraged or be given guidance on their life, it is very important for children to have good role models in their life Poverty — People are poor for many reasons, it could be down to drug and alcohol dependency, family breakdown, poor parenting, or a culture of worklessness.

Growing up in poverty means being cold, going hungry, not being able to join in activities with friends or being able to afford after school clubs etc. Families living in poverty are almost twice as likely to live in bad housing which has significant effects on both their physical and mental health, as well as educational achievement.

Families that live in poverty are more likely to suffer mental and physical problems. Housing and community — Children that live in Overcrowded, low quality and poor housing situations, i. Children living in these conditions are more Describe the social economic and cultural to have respiratory problems, to be at risk of infections, and have mental health problems.

If a family feels like they have to isolate themselves to keep themselves away from the challenging and anti-social behaviour, this can affect social development.

Socio-economic Impacts of Culture

Some families that display offending or challenging anti-social behaviour, may end up with their children being taken into care or going into prison. Having an engaging environment will make a child want to work. Being on medication can make you drowsy and so effect on your school work and concentration.

There are some older children that look after parents that are ill, this is a huge impact on the young person social life and a lot of responsibility at such a young age. Disability — if there is a parent or a child in the family that has a disability, this could affect the family especially if the child is used as a carer for their parents.

Whilst a child or family member is receiving support for a health issue this could possibly affect continuity of care, education, development and income.

Addictions — Children that live with adults that are addicts may be relied upon by the adults at times to be their main carer. At times these young people may feel isolated and unable to tell people what they are experiencing at home, they may experience stressful situations and may be living in the poverty that the adults that are supposed to be caring for them have caused.

In some situation where a young child is suffering abuse or neglect they would be taken into care. Bereavement and loss — If a family loses a member of the family or a close friend this could affect the mental and in turn physical health of a family.

Adults that have lost their partners may find the emotional strain difficult to cope with and may then find it more difficult to care for other children in the family. Family expectations and encouragement — Many parents have different parenting styles and can offer different levels of support to their children.

Many of these parenting styles tend to vary between different cultures.

Describe the social economic and cultural Essay Sample

If a child is subject to inconsistency and a lack of support this in turn could lead to a child suffering low self-esteem and displaying challenging behaviour.

When too much pressure is put on someone to do well this can result in them getting stressed and afraid of failure. Families may have conflict between parents and children. The parent they live with may also take out all their stress on the child.

If a parents has died the child may feel very depressed and not concentrate on their school work. A religious way of life can be transmitted between generations and grandparents maintain a significant influence. Some parents see passing on their faith as an important part of parenting.Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people There are other issues in our broader society that .

Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people. 7 July Childhood; Personal choice – Some families decide that they do not wish to live or act in a way in which is viewed from the outside the ‘ social norm ‘, for example being a travelling family or a child having same.

Describe the social economic and cultural

mtb15.combe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people (unit 7) There are many social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of the children and young people that we may work with. Immigration has contributed to many of the economic, social, and political processes that are foundational to the United States as a nation since the first newcomers arrived over years ago.

After brushes with immigration reform that began in and continued in and , the United States seems to be on the threshold of overhauling the . Describe the social economic and cultural Essay Sample. As a practitioner our role is to be aware of any issues that may have a positive or negative affect on a .

Social & Cultural Factors Related to Health Part A: Recognizing the Impact Alexis Armenakis, MSIV Describe the importance of social & cultural determinants of health. 2. Compare the Sociocultural model with the Disease model.

social, political, & economic relations within society.

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